The Secret of Good Spelling

Boira Publishers recommends an innovative system that improves spelling skills up to 80% in just weeks.
The system includes two effective learning tools for students:

  • Student’s Book: The use of visual memory is automatically linked to spelling. This skill only needs to be learned once in a lifetime. It makes all spelling exercises and activities more effective. It can be used in school or at home. Suitable for anyone from 8 years old to adults. With just 20 minutes a day for approximately 12 weeks, spelling skills improve up to 80%. Simple, easy exercises.

    To buy the book or download a free sample visit our catalog.

  • Online Software Helps students learn new spelling words using their visual memory. The software uses intelligent questions to help students learn. Practice anywhere with an iPad or smartphone. Students can personalize their study sessions with the words they need to work on. Free Version or Premium Version Available. Sign Up Now!

Parents and teachers also have this complementary material absolutely free:
  • A 30 minute video that explains how the system works. This is an excellent resource to use in teachers’ meetings or workshops. It can spark interest in and lead to debate on improving teaching methods in schools. See the Video “The Secret of Good Spelling: Visual Memory”.

  • Visual Memory: the Secret to Good Spelling. The Method. Explained for Teachers and Parents that can be downloaded for free. It explains how this system works and gives tips and ideas for helping students learn with it.

  • Teacher’s Guide to the Student’s Book

Booklet for learning the multiplication tables

Learning the multiplication tables

The booklet Learning the multiplication tables allows the tables to be learned easily and in a short period of time. Why making difficult something that can be very easy? Download a PDF version of the booklet's sample.

The Secret of Good Spelling: Visual Memory

Visual Memory